I Made a Friend!
Normal High School DxD 03-040
Air Date January 20, 2012
Anime Highschool DXD


Issei Hyodo comes across nun Asia Argento. The two get along well and conversate, nearby a boy injures his knee and Asia uses her healing powers on him. Issei then feels a weird feeling in his left hand, but the two continue to hang out. Issei and Asia then partways. Rias Gremory scolds him and tells him to never go near the church again because the church is enemy base. Later the whole group heads out to kill a stray devil named Viser. The group look around and find her. Issei comments on her bare breasts as she lusciously rubs them and insults Rias. Rias then explains how her group works. Rias is the king, Yuuto Kiba is her knight, Koneko Toujou is her rook, and Akeno Himejima is the queen. Together the group defeat and kill Viser. Issei then questions what piece he is and Rias replies that he is a pawn, much to his dismay. Later, Issei is tasked to visit a house as Koneko is too busy, but he comes across a man named Freed Sellzen a chimera who set up Issei to kill him, but Asia arrives and immediately recognizes Issei. Asia attempts to protect Issei leaving Freed at a loss. He then proceeds to deride Asia and molest her. Issei angrily punched Freed, who strikes down Issei, but the Gremory club rescues him and they escape.