I Want to Touch Her♥Satellizer, the Girl with Glasses
Air Date March 29, 2011
Anime Freezing
Story Arc OVA


Satellizer L. Bridget engages Ganessa Roland in a duel, but Satellizer has a cold and sneezes, causing her clothes to disappear. Satellizer wonders why this is, but then her panties disappears followed by her bra and she is left stark naked as a severely injured Kazuya Aoi looks on. Ganessa laughs at her for this misfortune, but Kazuya warns Satellizer that Rana Linchen is behind her. Rana successfully grasps Satellizer's bare breasts and begins to massage them while asking Satellizer why she is naked in front of Ganessa. Satellizer demands Rana to take her hands off her breasts and tells her that she is the "Untouchable Queen", but Rana continues to grope her and tells her that she is groping her out of divine karma. Rana than tells a miserable Satellizer to grope her. Satellizer reluctantly does so as Rana has sex with Satellizer.

After Rana sees Kazuya paying attention to Satellizer, Rana takes her clothes off and begins to seduce Kazuya. Ganessa then angrily strips naked accuses Satellizer of stripping on purpose and slams her crotch in Rana's face as Ganessa attempts to take off Rana's underwear. The two catch Satellizer's cold and are stuck naked.