Issei Hyodo vs Raynare
HighschoolDxD 04 022
Number of Times Fought 2
Anime Highschool DXD
Aftermath Asia Argento is kidnapped (Round 1).

Raynare is killed (Round 2).

Winner Raynare (Round 1)

Issei Hyodo (Round 2)

Issei Hyodo vs Raynare is a fight that occured in the anime Highschool DXD.

First FightEdit

Raynare interrupts Issei and Asia's friend date by demanding Asia come with her. Issei speaks for Asia, but Raynare cuts him off by impaling him with a spear of light twice. After Issei is beaten by her she takes a reluctant Asia with her.

Second FightEdit

Issei confronts Raynare again when she kills Asia to take her healing abilities. Issei is initially overwhelmed, but uses his Sacred Gear Boost to defeat her. Raynare then pleas that Issei give her a second chance and that she was only following orders, but after Rias Gremory suggests otherwise, Rias kills her.