Lots of Secrets♥The First Room Invitation
1024px-Freezing speical 2
Air Date April 27, 2011
Anime Freezing
Story Arc OVA


Satellizer L. Bridget is in the girls bathhouse with the other third years. Arnett asks her if she's done the first room invite yet, but when she is reluctant to answer Arnett MacMillan and Creo Brand decide to teach Satellizer. The two proceed to have sex with her. Satellizer cries and pleas for them to stop, but the duo continue until Satellizer orgasms. Kazuya Aoi rises out of the water not knowing the situation and Elizabeth Mably shows up and lectures the girls for messing up their invites. At that moment Chiffon Fairchild comes in and hears the situation, only to laugh at the fact that Elizabeth failed hers.