Rana Linchen vs Ganessa Roland
Number of Times Fought 2
Anime Freezing
Winner Rana Linchen (Round 1)

None (Round 2)

Story Arc Rana Introductory Arc (Round 1)

OVA 1 (Round 2)

Rana Linchen vs Ganessa Roland is a fight that occurred in the anime Freezing.

First FightEdit

Rana and Ganessa spar so the other pandora can see what Rana is able to do. Rana is able to easily defend against Ganessa's chains of binding and strikes her several times and she is about to use a powerful technique, but she is declared the winner.

Second FightEdit

After Satellizer L. Bridget's misfortune causes her to lose her clothes Rana gropes Satellizer's naked breasts and crotch. After seeing this Ganessa strips down, accuses Satellizer of stripping on purpose and hits Rana with her naked crotch and she attempts to molest Rana, but the duo catch Satellizer's cold as Ganessa curses the fact that she can't re-enable her volt texture.