Roy Mustang vs Lust
Number of Times Fought 2
Anime Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
Aftermath Lust pursues Riza Hawkeye and Alphonse Elric (Round 1).

Mustang kills Lust (Round 2)

Winner Lust (Round 1)

Roy Mustang (Round 2)

Roy Mustang vs Lust is a fight that occured in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

First FightEdit

Roy Mustang and Jean Havoc infiltrate the third laboratory when they encounter Lust, whom Havoc immediately recognizes. Mustang attempts to use his incinerator glove, but Lust slashes a pipe and water pours onto the glove. Mustang attempts to ignite the gas, but Lust survives and injures the duo. Shredding Mustang's glove in the process. She then storms off to kill the others.

Second FightEdit

Mustang rises again and uses alchemy to close his wound and he carves an alchemy insignia into his right hand. He arrives just in time to save Alphonse by enflaming Lust about 10 times, Lust then curses Mustang and wishes he will suffer before finally dying. Mustang then passes out from his loss of blood.