Satellizer L. Bridget vs Ganessa Roland
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Number of Times Fought 2
Anime Freezing
Winner Ganessa Roland (Round 1)

Satellizer L. Bridget (Round 2)

Story Arc Introductory Arc

Satellizer L. Bridget vs Ganessa Roland is a fight that occurred in the anime Freezing.

First FightEdit

After cutting down another second year, Ganessa challenges Satellizer. The duo clash temporarily, but then Kazuya Aoi interrupts after seeing Satellizer and thinking she is his deceased sister. She hugs her and Ganessa slashes Satellizer.

Second FightEdit

Sometime after the first fight. Satellizer is stopped by Kazuya so he can apologize to her, but Ganessa once again challenges Satellizer. Satellizer is quickly taken by Ganessa's chains of binding and she enables her pandora mode, but Satellizer uses pandora mode as well and Ganessa is defeated and the staff gives both of them detention for the fight.