Someone's Going to See♥Overly-extreme Physical
Air Date May 25, 2011
Anime Freezing
Story Arc OVA


The girls are alone in a room where their breasts are being measured. Rana Linchen is measured to be 81 cm. Rana then gropes Kaho. Kaho shivers as she is measured to be 77 cm, much to her dismay. Ganessa gloats and asks Rana to measure her. Ganessa is measured to be 83 cm, upsetting Kaho even further. Satellizer L. Bridget is then groped by Rana and measured to be 90 cm. Rana then measures Chiffon and Ticy to be 82 and 83 cm respectively. Attia Simmons watches in gloom as her breasts are smaller. Chiffon then asks Attia what is wrong and decides to use Rana's technique on her. Attia covers her breasts, but then Chiffon pulls her arms away and clasps her breasts. Attia measures to 73 cm, much to her sadness. Attia then attempts to brag, but Chiffon decides to molest an embarrassed Attia. The boys meanwhile are seen listening in as Kazuya Aoi wishes their peaceful days go on forever.

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